Solar Water Heater

Technical Specification

With energy savings and reliable operations like never before, Sungglobe solar water heating systems address the daily hot water requirements for varying family sizes, climate conditions & building types. We have a well trained installation team, making our solutions easily accessible to end users, thus bringing the power of the Sun to every home. Sunglobe solar water heating systems range from 100/200/300 liters per day stand alone models to centralized systems of several thousand liters capacity, applicable to all building types; right from individual bungalows, row houses, multi-storied apartments to large townships, swimming pools, and commercial and industrial applications etc.

Advantages of Sunglobe Solar Water Heater :

  • Quality: Durable and long life (life expectation more than 15 years)
  • Service: Strong dealer network across country & well trained installation team
  • Technology: Triple layered evacuated tube technology for rapid water heating
  • Better Insulation: Specially insulated storage tanks retain hot water for considerable amount of time, with minimal temperature drop at night
  • Suited for Indian conditions: Our storage tanks are specially suitable for Indian hard water conditions
  • Optimum conversion threshold: Higher efficiency
  • Easier to install & maintain: Makes the system suitable for varied projects